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Monday, January 5, 2009


Yaqoobi Boats is a builder of quality boats in wood and fibreglass for work, fishing and pleasure. Our boats can be found sailing the seas around the Asian subcontinent.

Yaqoobi Boats has the capability to build a wide range of boat types. We have at our disposal a vast pool of skilled manpower possessing technical expertise and experience in all areas of wooden and fibreglass boat construction. Adapting to the demands of present day business, we have re-organised ourselves to work under minimal overheads and where suitable, take advantage of available existing facilities that meet our construction requirements. We thereby run a flexible operation and are not confined to building boats at Gwadar Pakistan alone. Your boat is individually built by our own skilled work team and our usual standard of workmanship and personal commitment is assured.

Take advantage of the lower cost of skilled manpower in Asia and get your boat built by us. Choose one of the standard boats shown on the accompanying webpages, or have their layouts customized to suit your own requirements. Boats can be supplied bare shell or complete. Owners/designers are also invited to discuss having their own design custom-built by us. Furnish study prints and bill of materials of your design for a quote. Facilities and skilled manpower can be organized for having your boat built under your personal instructions.

Production boatbuilders can explore the possibility of getting hulls and other parts of their series produced boats hand lay-up moulded by us in moulds and materials supplied either by them or us. Moulding of FRP parts for other applications as per your design is also undertaken. We are in close liaison with product development centres of major glassfibre manufacturing companies and other institutions.

You are invited to contact us for liaison work and other marine related services in the region. Contact from boat designers and other boat-builders with the aim of pooling together resources and offering the customer a wider range of products and services is also welcome.